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NHTV Became Available on AT&T U-Verse on Oct. 16, 2008*

If you're an Frontier Vantage TV (formerly U-Verse) subscriber, NHTV welcomes you! 

Since Frontier Vantage TV is available statewide, we welcome you as an NHTV viewer from wherever you are in Connecticut. Below are easy directions on how to use U-Verse to find NHTV's three (3) channels:

NHTV Cable 18 (Public Access)
NHETV Cable 19 (Educational Access)
NHTV2 Cable 20 (Government Access)
First, it is VERY IMPORTANT to know that NHTV's channels are not located on the same channel positions as they are on Comcast. 

NHTV's channels are all accessed via Vantage TV CHANNEL 99.

Here are the two ways to watch NHTV:

1). Either select channel 99


2). Select "Local Government Education and Public Access"
from the Vantage TV menu.

At left are the navigation screens you will encounter when you are on channel 99.

Simply select NHTV or North Haven Community TV from the list of available community access stations.
NHTV on Frontier Vantage TV
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